• Co-founder, Texture Artist (Building Specialization)

Darwin is RegDesigns' vice president of textural design.

Since co-starting the company with David in December of 2020, Darwin has played a vital role in developing and launching some of the world’s most beloved flight simulator products, including Lihue Airport (PHLI), Region of Waterloo International Airport (CYKF), and Burlington Airpark (CZBA). Before RegDesigns, Darwin mastered the art of freelance livery designing for a variety of aircraft companies in the flight simulator industry. Darwin serves on the company’s executive team and oversees all things textures, including asset albedos, physics based rendering, and normal mapping litigation.

In addition, Darwin leads a small team of texture artists. Darwin’s team is responsible for delivering the textures at the heart of RegDesigns’s innovative products, including asset PBR and projected mesh textures.