Project information

  • Airport Name: Region of Waterloo International Airport
  • LID: None
  • Type: Public
  • Operator: Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Ontario
  • Location: Woolwich, Ontario
  • Elevation: 1,054 ft

  • Project State: Released
  • Project URL: simMarket,, MSFS Marketplace
  • Supported Platforms: PC

According to Wikipedia, Region of Waterloo International Airport or Kitchener/Waterloo Airport is an international airport serving the Regional Municipality of Waterloo in Woolwich, Ontario, Canada, southwest of Toronto. The airport is classified as an airport of entry by Nav Canada and is staffed by the Canada Border Services Agency.


  • Accurate replica of Region of Waterloo International Airport
  • Accurate modelling from original images and other sources
  • Correct runway elevations
  • Canadian runway lines/markings
  • Custom runway textures
  • Correct PAPI angles
  • Accurate approach lights
  • Customized ground textures
  • 3D glass (some buildings)
  • Volumetric night lighting
  • Accurate taxi signs
  • Detailed airport environment
  • Hanger interiors (apron 2)
  • 3D sewer grills
  • PBR-materials
  • AI-traffic compatible
  • Default ATC compatible
  • Parking lot curbs/signs/gates
  • Parking lot lines
  • Hand-placed fences
  • Static apron objects
  • Static parking lot density (per bing maps 2021)

Achievements and Remarks

  • First rendition of Waterloo International ever in a desktop flight simulator
Original - Man holding beer
Processed - Man holding beer