Burlington Airpark

Grab a copy of our latest and greatest scenery, Burlington Airpark!

Who We Are

RegDesigns is a small design studio out of Toronto, and flight simulation advocates just like you.

We aim to provide addons at the highest level of fidelity possible. Since we are also members of the flight simulation community, we understand the struggle behind flying around default and blender-cube-like airports. Therefore, on the journey to RegDesigns will never publish an airport that we would not spend hours admiring and flying around ourselves.

Ultra Realistic

Sceneries that come to life

Original - Man holding beer
Processed - Man holding beer


Engineered from the ground up

High fidelity ground materials

Volumetric night lightining

High detailed interiors

Dynamic rain effects

Hydro and power-line visuals

High detail models and textures


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Frequently Asked Questions

The scenery folder is located inside of the zipped folder that the airport is delivered in. Please unzip the folder and locate reg-airport-. This is the folder that goes into 'community' folder

We are currently in the process of making all our sceneries compatible with the x-box version of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Burlington will be the first available for x-box following with our previous sceneries once updated. All new sceneries will be compatible on initial release.

We are more than happy to implement custom hangars, buildings, and details that are unique to your flying experience if you fly out of one of our sceneries in real life. Please send us a message in the discord or over email with reference photos/videos.


What they are saying about us

A wonderful rendition of Waterloo airport, a small regional airport just to the West of the Greater Toronto Area, its suitable for both GA and airliner flyers. Very high quality modelling and excellent texturing make this well worth getting.


Finally, a Lihue for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This airport is truly one of my favourites and I’m so happy that it was done right! Exceeded my expectations! If you’re on the edge about buying the airport, you need to buy it now!


The quality of this airport scenery is on a very good spot, bringing a good realism, great recreation of the real airport, I can highly recommend this scenery addon.


A must have if you do any flying around Hawaii. Exceeded my expectations and the price is an absolute bargain for the features that this scenery has.


Great to see a new player in the scenery business and they did a great job on this release!



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